Fully we offer one integrated system for school administartion

e¹ Finance is a fully integrated, internet-enabled double entry accounting package which provides users with full budgetary control over their school. e¹ Finance is also integrated with Fronter. The software features nominal, sales and purchase ledger functionality, sales invoicing, billing and purchase order processing as standard, delivering true financial control and helping your school achieve optimum performance

e¹ Finance is not just an accounting package.

It's designed to deliver critical information in a timely manner to whoever needs to know - Accountants, Finance Assistants or Head Teachers and can be depersonalized to provide specific access to only permitted areas. All of which can be managed by the primary user.

Reports have a facility that enables users to see the transactions that make up a balance and 'drill down' to open the source document such as the purchase order or invoice.

All the every day functions are available such as:

  • Nominal ledger.
  • Sales ledger.