e- Learning Management System)

Fronter is an integrated learning platform already in use by millions of teachers and learners, at thousands of learning institutions around the world.

Fronter is organised around the concept of the virtual school building consisting of a number of rooms. Each of these rooms is equipped with the tools required to empower your collaboration. A room is only open to the participants of your choice, and their rights and privileges depend on their various roles. This allows you to collaborate effectively, just like in the "real" world.

The Fronter platform is composed up of 90+ easy to use web-based tools developed in close cooperation with existing users and organised into Fronter combines over 90 online tools. Fully configurable to suit any user, the online tools are grouped together into five key areas:

  • Administration
  • Personal Work
  • Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Publishing

A school can set up an unlimited number of classrooms, subject rooms, staff rooms, content areas, shared collaborative spaces, etc.


Why Choose Fronter?

Teaching and Learning:
  • Test and assessment
  • Multiple choices testing with manual or auto marking
  • Hand-in folder with grades and comments
  • Individual learning plan with personal plan and record
  • Portfolio with evidence of learning attached to learning goals, including reflections, grades and comments
  • Statistics and reports
  • Attendance, grades, remarks
Collaboration and Communication:
  • Various forms of asynchronous discussion (brainstorm, discussion, debate, hot seat, position) and synchronous communication (chat, messaging, whiteboard).
  • Several tools for professional project management.
  • Publishing and content management.
  • Shared documents and repositories with version control.
  • Content production tools based on templates and easy to use functionality, like our learning path.
  • Web publishing and portal
  • Free text search.
  • Scorm/IMS import.
  • Question repositories/databases.
Publishing and content management:
  • Full content management functionality to allow sharing of content.
  • Spell checking.
  • Version control.
  • File upload and storage (eGIF).
  • Advanced web publishing, automatic web site creation.
  • Open Edit Save to allow direct integration with Office.
  • Links, news, lists.
  • Meta tagging engine.
  • Question repositories/databases.

Personal tools:

  • Standard tools for personal management (email, calendar, todo, contacts).
  • File repository.
  • Personal homepage with blog.
  • Personal portfolio.

Administration and setup:

  • Unlimited set up of roles and privileges, flexible definition and drag'n'drop administration of organizational structure (schools, groups, etc).
  • Advanced user management.
  • System control.
  • Fronter also supports single-sign-on.
  • Authenticate with LDAP servers.